Teachers of Esoteric Healing

NAEH Trained Instructors:

* Bonnie Dysinger, MSc, CPEH; Online   www.bonniedysinger.com   [email protected]
  Shauna Edmonds, LMT, CPEH; TX   www.healingfromthesoul.net   [email protected]
* Maria Hubbuch, CPEH; FL   www.HarmonizingAmbientEnergy.com   [email protected]
* Fran Oppenheimer, RN, LMT, CPEH; FL & WA  [email protected]
* Alisa Petruzzi, PT, CPEH; IN  [email protected] 
Jennifer Wolffis, MSPT, CPEH; MI  www.HeartGuidedHealing.com; [email protected]

NAEH Teacher Trainees:

Carolyn Rose Frost, CPEH; MI   [email protected]

Chris Geith, Ph.D., CPEH, NC  [email protected]

​INEH Trained Instructors:

* Martha Henry-MacDonald, PT, INEH Coordinator; MA, NY, CO, Canada   [email protected]
Steve Kramer, CPEH; MA & VT  www.thesubtlebalance.com
* Constance McCloy, EdD, PT, CPEH; CA, CO & IN   [email protected] 
Diane McKeag; OR  www.energyhealingwithdi.com
Rachel Verdon; Quebec  [email protected] 
Patricia Enstad, LMT, LISW; MN https://patriciaenstad.com/[email protected]

​CPEH is a NAEH Certified Practitioner of Esoteric Healing.

* Indicates the instructor is willing to travel for classes

Short Videos On What's Unique About Esoteric Healing