Accredited Teachers

Following is a list of NAEH trained instructors (*indicates the instructor is willing to travel for classes):

*Bonnie Dysinger, MSc, CPEH; CA & WA

Shauna Edmonds, LMT, CPEH; TX

*Maria Hubbuch, CPEH; FL

*Katie Mulligan, CPEH, E-RYT; FL 

*Fran Oppenheimer, RN, LMT, CPEH; FL & OR​

Caroline Padgett, CPEH; NC  

*Alisa Petruzzi, PT, CPEH; IN

*Wallace Smith, CPEH; MI

*Coral Thorsen, BS, ED, MS, LMBT, CPEH; FL 


NAEH Teacher Trainees:

Carolyn Rose Frost, CPEH; MI

Jennifer Wolffis, MSPT, CPEH; MI

Chris Geith, Ph.D., CPEH, NC

INEH trained instructors:

* Martha Henry-MacDonald, PT, INEH Coordinator; MA, NY, CO, Canada

Steve Kramer, CPEH; MA & VT

*Constance McCloy, EdD, PT, CPEH; CA, CO & IN  

*Coral Thorsen, BS, ED, MS, LMBT, CPEH; FL 

INEH Teacher Trainees: 

Kendra Moore, LMT, CST, CPEH; IN, MT, WY, ND, SD, NB, IA, AZ


CPEH is an NAEH Certified Practitioner of Esoteric Healing.


(517) 898-0271

Gainesville, FL 32606

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