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Board of Directors
The function of this Committee is to decide policy and pathways for the development of the NAEH. This Committee oversees the activities and processes of all other NAEH Committees. Its members are elected from the general members and is composed of the president, president-elect, immediate past-president and general members:

Bonnie Dysinger (President, Treasurer), CA
Constance McCloy (Past President), CA
Laura Letzler (Secretary), FL
Gabrielle Frampton, MI
Kathleen Hautala, WI
Patsy Hubert, MI
Steve Kramer, MA
Lyn Ludwig, CO
Chuck Pisa, FL
Susan Zimmerman, MI

Certification Committee
This committee develops the standards for Certification in Esoteric Healing. It develops the evaluation process and does the testing for the certification that leads to the CPEH (Certified Practitioner of Esoteric Healing) designation. It also maintains the CPEH standards of excellence and makes modifications in the requirements and testing process as it deems necessary. This committee is composed of NAEH members active in the practice of Esoteric Healing and Certification processes. Membership on this committee is open by invitation based on extent of practice in Esoteric Healing and personal experience in certification processes. Current members are:

Lyn Ludwig CPEH, CO - Chairperson
Maria Hubbuch CPEH, FL
Bonnie Dysinger CPEH, CA
Claire Hardsaw, IN

Teacher Committee
This committee gathers for networking and to maintain the cohesiveness of the teachers as a group and oversees the revision of the Esoteric Healing manuals. NAEH teachers are Certified Practitioners of Esoteric Healing. Committee includes the following accredited NAEH teachers and teacher trainees:

Bonnie Dysinger, CA
Shauna Edmonds, TX
Carolyn Rose Frost, MI
Chris Geith, NC
Maria Hubbuch, FL
Constance McCloy, CA (INEH Teacher)
Katie Mulligan, FL
Fran Oppenheimer, FL
Alisa Petruzzi, IN
Wallace Smith, MI
Coral Thorsen, FL
Jennifer Wolffis, MI

Teacher Training Committee
This committee oversees the teacher training program as well as the selection and evaluation of an NAEH teacher trainee to become an NAEH Accredited Teacher of Esoteric Healing. 

Bonnie Dysinger, CA
Shauna Edmonds, TX
Constance McCloy, CA
Fran Oppenheimer, FL

Publications Committee
This committee develops the NAEH website, Newsletter, and Journal. Its mission is to inform, connect, and involve interaction with NAEH members and the general public. The website outlines the goals, classes, and activities of the NAEH. It is also the venue for the Newsletter, which contains current NAEH news, member stories, recipes and uplifting material. The Journal was established to develop a knowledge base of scholarship and research in the field of Esoteric Healing. It includes articles such as practical application of Esoteric Healing, Case Studies, Anatomy – physical and etheric, book reviews and contemplative material. The Committee encourages NAEH members to submit materials for inclusion in the Newsletter and Journal. Current members are:

Mary Kuskin, AZ
Jess Hutchison, CA
Joni Larson, IN
Lori Settersten, WI
Stephanie Urdang, NY
Stacy Whelley, NY

Membership Committee
This committee serves the NAEH by establishing membership processes and works on the member mailings. Current members are:

Constance McCloy, CA
Chuck Pisa, FL
Patsy Hubert, MI
Bonnie Dysinger, CA

Conference Committee
This committee plans the annual conference for NAEH members and all Esoteric/Energy Healers. The committee meditates and works together to create the conference theme, title and agenda. The committee then identifies the speakers, creates mailings and brochures, and selects conference memorabilia (e.g., pens, totes etc.). Currently, the NAEH conferences are “virtual” live-streamed gatherings on Zoom.  When the NAEH conference occurs “in person and on location” committee tasks include assembling registration packets, room set-up and decor, planning for food, snacks and beverages, planning for Friday evening dinner reception and Saturday evening entertainment, developing fundraising opportunities for NAEH, and assimilating post-conference evaluations. 

Sher Bauer, NY
Bonnie Dysinger, CA
Patsy Hubert, MI
Jennifer May, CO
Constance McCloy, CA - Chairperson
Chuck Pisa, FL
Joan Stansberry, MI

Education Committee
Works on tasks that provide exciting support and education for our Esoteric Healing Community. Current members share chairperson tasks:

Kathleen Hautala, WI
Joni Larson, IN
Constance McCloy, CA

Research Group

The newly established NAEH Research Group gathers monthly to discuss “all things research” related to Esoteric Healing and similar topics. Each meeting includes a short educational module on a research topic. Small groups focus on creating research projects to study the effects of Esoteric Healing on various conditions and measures.  Research Group members have access to a Library of Resources that houses articles, bibliographies, videos and podcasts that address energy healing modalities and their influence on an array of health conditions in people and animals. 

Contact Constance if you are interested in joining the Research Group. [email protected] 




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