Deepening Class

A “Deepening Class” is a class that supports one’s personal and/or spiritual growth in the development and understanding of health and consciousness. A “Deepening Class” may also enhance the practice, knowledge, and understanding of Esoteric Healing.


Some examples of topics for deepening classes:

  • Esoteric Psychology

  • Esoteric Philosophy

  • Esoteric Astrology; Astronomy

  • Study of Bailey books and related authors, topics

  • Meditation

  • Angels

  • Chakras-Auras-Energy Bodies: Why it’s important to balance them

  • The animal kingdom

  • The plant kingdom

  • The mineral kingdom

  • Anatomy, physiology, simple pathology

  • Nutrition

  • Ethics for energy workers

  • Business guidance for energy workers

  • Legal considerations for energy workers

  • Modalities that support energetic health, such as: crystals, sound, color, aromatherapy, ray oils and essential oils, Shamanic practices, EFT, short introductions to other forms of energy work such as Reiki etc.

  • Other



Qualifications and Process for Applying to Post a Deepening Class on the NAEH Website:


  1. Qualifications: An Instructor of a deepening class must be a member of NAEH at the “Professional Level” (ensuring this individual has completed Esoteric Healing Parts 1-3 or higher, and has been practicing EH for at least 18 months).


   2. Application: In order to apply to have their deepening class posted on the NAEH website, the Instructor         must first download, complete and submit a Deepening Class Application to

   3. Review: The NAEH Education Committee will review applications and contact the instructor within 2-3

       weeks regarding the status of their application. NAEH Administrator will post the approved classes on the

       NAEH website under the “Classes” tab (e.g., Course Title, Date, Instructor name, Contact info).


Deepening Classes are not endorsed by the NAEH but are simply made available in support of NAEH members. These classes are developed, organized, and instructed by those who are Professional Members of the NAEH. Professional Members have completed Esoteric Healing Level 3 or higher, have explored and developed some understanding of their spiritual makeup and journey, and have been utilizing the practice of Esoteric Healing for at least 18 months.

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